The Blueberry Hunt

The Blueberry Hunt! Not heard of this? Yes, I know. Unfortunately I happened to see this and it is only because of Naseerudhin Shah and that very deceiving trailer that created such a stir. The Blueberry Hunt is a story about the life of a reclusive old man, a dog that's addicted to beef and …

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Black Beauty and The Cabbie.

She asked: Can I get a ride, brother? He said: Sure, my dear lady! Where would you like to go? She said: Where ever the wheels of the car would like to take me. I'm a free bird. Free from the whole wide world. He said: These wheels are ready to spin round and round …

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My review on Munnariyippu

Malayalam movies were never my choice but it's really worth the time watching the good ones they make. Yes, I can't speak the language for crying out loud. Thanks to subtitles and my mum on the side for translating dialogues that are delivered with electric speed. These movies are based on very simple and authentic …

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