Black Beauty and The Cabbie.

She asked: Can I get a ride, brother?

He said: Sure, my dear lady! Where would you like to go?

She said: Where ever the wheels of the car would like to take me. I’m a free bird. Free from the whole wide world.

He said: These wheels are ready to spin round and round ma’am. Hop in!

The driver cleared his throat and started the car in a bit of a daze. He stared at this beautiful woman sitting behind through the rear view mirror. She was young, bold and beautiful. She had Audrey Hepburn’s eyes – dainty, dreamy, and delicate. Her hair was like Repunzel’s – long, wavy, and blonde. She wore a glamorous red lipstick that attracted all his nerves towards her. Her dressing style was impeccable, she fit into a perfect black outfit that kissed her skin and showed off her cleavage and her toned body. He named her ‘Black Beauty’. She resembled Betty Boop, but looked like a goddess in reality. A goddess who had her own identity.

He asked: Miss, are you ready?

She said: Yes! Why do you think I’m sitting behind you in this yellow taxi of yours?

It was love at first sight for the cabbie. Her attitude and confidence blew him off seat. His lips went dry and his mouth was parched. His heart skipped a beat and sweat trickled down his back the minute she looked at him. She was beautiful, dangerously beautiful. There was something mysterious about her, he had to find out. He had to strike a conversation with her. So the burly driver, manned up and got all his guts together and shot the first question.

Ma’am, where would you wanna go ?

There was absolute silence.

Miss, you seem confused. I have been driving for an hour now, without a destination. Do you have a place in mind?

There was no response, yet again.

He looked through the mirror, she looked like she had gone.

Hey Black Beauty!  Are you in there ?

Intrigued by the silence, the cabbie decided pull over and check up on his guest. He opened the door and found her unconscious. He tried to get her back to consciousness but nothing revived her. She was dead, he presumed.

Hey Black Beauty, you can’t die in my car. Wake up!

The sight of the body made him shiver. Goosebumps and chills hit his brains. Shock almost paralyzed him. He began rambling and talking to himself. He had no idea what to do next. The thought of leaving or disposing the body there scared him to death. He knew reporting the scene to the police was a bad idea. Being black, the police would have framed him for the murder.

Time was running out, he had to make a decision. He couldn’t think on the busy road, so he decided to go home. He took her body along with him, hoping that she would wake up. He carried her and put her on the bed. He kept checking in to see if she would wake up, but she showed no sign.

He went into the room where she lay still and checked her for any identity or a mobile phone. He noticed that she had carried a black wallet when she entered the car; so he ran back to the car to find a clue. To his luck, there was no phone and no identity, only a few lipsticks and a few pieces of paper.

He came back home, hopeless and dejected. He plonked on his chair and fell asleep with the uncomfortable morbidity. Deep in sleep, he looked like a baby in a cradle; happy and joyful. A couple of minutes later, somewhere far away, he heard something melodious, faint and sober. She sang:

“Sing me to sleep,

Sing me to sleep,

I’m tired and I want to go to bed”.

The woman sang these three lines over and over again till it was loud and clear and till the room reverberated with the constant loop. She stood where he slept and circled around his chair to see him sleep so peacefully. She liked the feel his rough hair any his cratered cheeks. In not less than second, she she sat on his lap with one arm around his neck and one on his cheek.

Once she was comfortable, she whispered into his ears ‘I am Black Beauty, who you’re trying to awaken. You don’t have to wake me up now. I’m here by your side, forever and for always. Open your eyes, honey!’

He opened his eyes and found ‘Black Beauty’ sitting on him. The minute he saw her, she laughed just like a witch, evil and loud.

He woke up from his deep power nap and found himself soaked in sweat. He rushed  to the room to see if Black Beauty was still there. She had disappeared, the body was not where he had kept it. He stood amazed and in total bewilderment. He searched the whole house and yelled out for her, but she was nowhere. She vanished into thin air, overnight.

The cabbie was happy that she had gone and didn’t have to worry about that weird scene anymore. The uneasy and the restless feeling had left him. He came back to living in the present and he craved for an untroubled and quite slumber.

She may have created a turmoil, but as he he tried to sleep, he fondly thought of her. She came into his life like a storm and left like one. She had a dark side that he began to fall in love with and he missed her presence.


The Paradise on Earth.

Whenever I went for a holiday towards the sea coast I always wondered what it would be to live next to the sea. How different would life be? I envied people who woke up and could see the ocean, the sun and the waves hitting the shore.

People often say, the sea can sicken you! How much of water can you see? Life will get boring eventually. What is there on an island? I thought that the point was pretty valid to an extent until I landed on this paradise. The Cayman Islands, everybody call it ‘The Paradise on Earth’.



Every time you turn your head, all that you get to see is green, blue and white. Trees, water and white sand fill this so called paradise. Everything looks so calm and peaceful that it could take your breath away. The sun, always so bright in the mornings. The sky, almost crystal blue and clear. The night is not less spectacular, the odd formations of clouds, the millions of stars and the crescent moon adds to all the beauty. You feel so close to nature that it touches your inner soul and it begins to take you along with it.


Believe me, you don’t have to do anything on this island. The island does everything for you. All you need to do is head out and be ready to race against the sun. Drive along the sea or sit on the shore and watch the waves kiss the sand. Watch the deep blue waters touch the soft white sand. Read a book under the sun or stand on the edge of a jagged rock and the breeze seduces you. Take a dip and allow the water touch you, the cold water cleanses you inside out.

IMG-20160109-WA0003It seems as if nature is speaking to you. The sea, the breeze, the waves, the sand, and the rocks have stories they want to tell you. Stories about people, love, life, wisdom, positivity and happiness. It allows you to talk to those dearest people who are so far away and whom we have lost. Hours pass by seeing the sun go down and listening to all the sounds of the sea.


The city and the sea side have the same atmosphere. No sky scrapers, all cottage like buildings. Limited human civilization, which is good. You don’t need millions of people to fill in all the empty spaces. Sometimes, it’s good to stay away from all the mayhem and the mad crowd. All you need is a companion for life to spend your time and fill in all the emptiness. A soulmate who loves nature and who loves you more than anything else. Spending every minuscule second with him is so amazing, I cherish every moment. Vinny, I love you my man.


Well, now I know what it feels like to stay facing the sea. I wake up in the morning and watch the ocean, the sun and the waves hitting the shore. I read, I write, I pray and I hope looking at nature that’s so pure and beautiful. I would call this “My Romantic Haven Period” of my life and I can’t ask for anything better than this.

Gone In Sixty Seconds


Once upon a time, during the midnight hour, a few uninvited guests decided to say ‘hi‘ to their new neighborhood.

The beautiful moonlight starry sky, the silent still air, the chirping crickets, and the vigilant owls were a witness to the scene. An army of men had set out on a mission to invade and disrupt the peaceful, quite, and a dreamy night. Strong able bodied men, armored with weapons of destruction came with a well laid plan. The poor scrawny security guards were no match to their strength. They hid in fear and managed to find safe havens.

The army barged in victoriously as no human, no animal and no external force could stop them. “United we stand, divided we fall” was never a strategy. Divide and attack was the master-plan. The huge army split and made smaller groups. The boisterous men then stealthily entered each target building not making a sound. Skimming each floor for shoes and shoe racks like vultures sighting for prey from afar. Once found, shoe racks were destroyed and all the shoes were taken, no matter the condition. They swept the place clean just like scavengers, leaving nothing behind, not even dirt. Shoes were as precious as gold and money for the shoe thieves.

Emerging victorious, they marched back with the massive loot with great honor and satisfaction like a pride of lions after a sumptuous meal. They shoved all their booty into their trucks and were gone in sixty seconds. The police couldn’t catch them that night as they had no shoes to chase them.

This triumph gave them the confidence to do it again and again leaving innocents with no shoes to wear the next day. Poor guys!

People On A Bus

People on a bus

I know I haven’t written in a very long time and I know for sure that I have missed out on a lot of things. It’s my job that keeps me on my toes the whole time. Thanks to that! I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. Seriously!

Well, all the while at work I’m always learning something new and exciting. Agreed that it is great, but there are a few days that just aren’t right as my commute to work is a long journey. It’s like going to Malaysia and coming back 😛 (that’s how it feels like at-least). It’s literally a painful joy ride at times! It’s funny and tiring.

During the long journey, my playlist and my podcasts are a saving grace! While listening to the lovely things on my phone I get to observe behaviors of passengers. Majority of them just have that normal everyday life attitude but a few of them are so strange (strange is an understatement :D)  Come to think of it, it’s funny how people react.

There is this pretentious sort, who’d love to grab a seat even though they look so strong that they could move a mountain all by themselves and not cry of pain. There are these really furious people who pick up fights at the drop of a hat and would never want to put an end to it (those shrilly voices! Argh!). Then there are these mothers who love to carry their 20 year old children and stare at you to give up your seat so they can sit pretty and comfortable. How convenient? Just how convenient? No one can wait their turn.

Oh, and I almost forgot, those hundred crazy eyes gawking at you. Turn to the right or turn to the left, you have all eyes on you for some reason, wonder why? Apart from all these kinds that I have spoken of, a few of them are crazy. Seriously crazy! I don’t know why, people love to yell while talking over a phone call and sing out loud like as though the bus were to be their bathroom. This set is even more annoying! And trust me, at that time, any object that comes in front of you can be risky.

Let’s face it, if you choose this way, your daily commute is sometimes a pain. Like it or not, they are frustrating and these events will make you pull your hair. Honestly, all you need is a whole lot of patience cause with all this happening in the background, the ride is extremely snail paced. So much for complementing the tiresome brain drain ride!


People say believe in your dreams and one fine day they will be true. Well, I think this is just plain entertainment and most of them are hopeless. It lands you into an unwanted place. A place that’s not meant to be in.

You can – Dream with your eyes open. Dream with your eyes closed. Dream during the day or at night. Dream during sunshine or moonshine. Dream alone. Dream under an apple tree or dream on a vehicle. Dream in your room or dream on the street. There are so many choices and so places to dream. But do we believe it to be true that a dream can change your life forever? Dreams may turn realistic for one in a million but for many of us dreams are vivid, absurd, abstract, and unreasonable moments. Soon forgotten the moment we step into reality.

It’s like “Spirit Projections”. According to the Japanese, “the spirit leaves your soul during the stage of unconsciousness and meanders into this fanatical and meaningless satire. The minute you gain consciousness, your spirit gets back into you like nothing ever happened.” Dreams are a form of ‘spirit projections”.

Dreaming for something is when you start counting your chicken before they hatch. Just when you begin to live that dream, it comes crashing down like a plane that just lost control. You may wish to land yourself in a particular job, in a particular place with a particular person but soon as you imagine it to be true it fades away into thin air leaving you hollow, shattered, lonely, teary and tired.

These situations keep you happy for a while. It makes you smile and it’s all that you ever want for that moment in life. Dreams are for the time being! They enter and they exit like nobody’s business and does a very good job in giving you false hopes. Cherish good times with people who helped you make the dream and learn from the bitter lessons they teach you.

Dwelling on dreams is such a waste of time. Not worth it. Focusing on real life is much safer and lean!

From The City To The Suburbs

Living in the heart of the city is what I miss the most today. I always loved being a part of the madness and chaos. The commotion, the people and peak hour traffic have kept me active. The weather the city faces is certainly very weird but it is an experience. Heavy rainfall, hailstorms and floods that make Bangalore look like a river is quite a sight. The sun does a spectacular job as well. (I know 35 degrees is not something to whine about but for a Bangalorean, it is hot!)

The city has so much to offer. Everything is a hop, a skip, and a jump. There are million restaurants you can dine at or even get food delivered if you are too lazy to move. (Yummy edible food! If not yummy, it’s edible at least). There is a theatre or a mall round the corner for some entertainment when you get bored. Shopping streets are quite close from the centre. The city has fairly decent transport options, though you may have a war of words with boisterous auto men or you may have to sit patiently in our BMTC buses which is snail slow. Nowadays, there are cabs so it’s even more convenient. To sum it all up, life in the city is easy.

At one point in time my family and I got sick of the dusty city life and we felt the grass is greener on the other side.  So we decided to move to the suburbs, an apartment on the state highway, a land far away from city.

It’s a road less travelled. The environment is so calm and pleasant, its breath taking. Nature is so serene in this part of town, you will ultimately fall in love with it.  Air so fresh and clean, you can smell it. Lush green trees and vast lands of cultivation adds to the beauty. In the midst of this beautiful greenery, a few sheds and a lot of cows are all you can see. There is no noise, no traffic and limited human civilization. Sure it’s undeveloped but I never imagined Bangalore to have a different side.

There are times life can get hard as well. People are lazy, lethargic and extremely slow around here. Summers and winters are extremely harsh. The amount of time you spend traveling is no joke. By the time you reach your destination everyday you’d be broken. Pathetic transport system makes traveling hard. The sight of autos are so rare but when they do come across it brings joy. As we city folks are used to the comfort of restaurants, you can’t dream of that here. Decent restaurants are real hard to find. The tastiest dish I have eaten so far is “Mutton curry and Ragi Mudde”. There are no malls, theaters or shopping centers to kill time. After a few years, I’m sure the place will be different and totally unrecognizable.

Well, life in the city is fun but it isn’t peaceful and healthy. I miss the city for sure but I love the joy and the happiness the suburbs offer. It sure is a bliss to stay around such beauty until it’s demolished by mankind.

One situation that never seems to change no matter where you go are lunatic neighbors we need to live with. I wonder where do these people come from and how in the world do they land up next door? God knows! 😀

My review on Munnariyippu

Malayalam movies were never my choice but it’s really worth the time watching the good ones they make. Yes, I can’t speak the language for crying out loud. Thanks to subtitles and my mum on the side for translating dialogues that are delivered with electric speed. These movies are based on very simple and authentic story lines with a remarkable sense of direction. Most of them are inspirational, realistic and imaginative that they have been remade in other languages so it reaches a wider audience. Somebody once told me about Munnariyippu being a great movie so I happened to watch it. I was quite apprehensive at first as I’m not such a great fan of Mammootty but I still gave it a shot. To my surprise, the movie was simply unbelievable. The movie had a bit of everything; love, drama, humor, suspense and a whole lot of marvelous & expressive acting. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and here’s my review. Well, the story is about a young and aspiring junior journalist, Anjali Arakkal. She manages to get a first assignment as a Ghost Writer for a jail superintendent. While she works on her assignment, she meets C.K. Raghavan. Raghavan is a convicted for double homicide of his wife and a Gujarati girl but claims to never have committed them. He prefers doing errands in jail than social life. Anjali gets curious about Raghavan and publishes her first article in a famous magazine. The article reaches a wide audience and receives national attention. Post her success with the article, a famous publisher offers her to write a biography of Raghavan. She accepts the offer knowing that dealing with a convict can be risky. For the book to be published, she makes arrangements for Raghavan to live outside jail. She keeps him confined to four walls so he can concentrate on writing. She keeps a constant watch over him but he fails to pen a word, missing all the deadlines. On the last day of submission, he decides to share the story but unfortunately the story remains untold. The shocking climax is what everyone should watch out for. Trust me, the climax will linger in your head for days. Exemplary acting takes the film to different level. Mammootty’s simple character and his expressions are incredible. The innocent, calm and psychotic attitude was very well done. Aparna Gopinath’s role as a courageous, over ambitious and a passionate journalist was done extremely well. She did support the character of Raghavan. Highly entertaining, nail biting thriller with a good sense of comic timing. Well, I always feel the lesser the dialogue the better the film. I recommended this one for everyone. Also, Prithviraj Sukumaran has a small role in the film. Go and watch this with a Mallu friend or learn Malayalam or watch this one with subtitles. I’m sure you will like it.