The phone and the WiFi connection is like our “New Oxygen” – try to remove it and you feel like a vegetable.

So, one day, the service provider decided to cut off the connection for a whole day and suggested to live in real time – actual real time – with the environment; with people at home and with yourself. Yes, I panicked and felt like I’m running into a wall, I felt vegetative, I felt very lateral; but it was so gratifying!

It gave me the time to exchange a smile and say ‘good morning’ with the person I live with. It gave me the time to stare at the ceiling and see the blades of the fan rotate. As I put my foot down I felt it embrace the floor and the first gulp of fresh air energized me. The time allowed me visualize the aura of the of the sea and the waves, the ripples of water, the glowing sun, the strong winds, the light drizzle and the glorious rainbow. The alluring sight gave rise to a new found happiness in me.

So with a cup of coffee and my favorite book, I sat to read The Waves by Virginia Woolf. Reading through those magnificent pages in her book, I didn’t notice how time flew. Its such irony, languishing on the beach side reading about characters that are being related to the waves of an ocean.  This time was beautifully silent and enriching!

You tend to acknowledge your people and your surroundings better. In your mind, you wander to places you have never discovered ever before.You become a more compassionate and spirited individual. Everything seems to be more meaningful and nature seems to show off its beauty with all its curves.

Everyone must give yourselves some “me time” and forget about technology and places you can rant about nothing. Dwell in the silence, enjoy it, meditate, exercise and be bliss!




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