Twitter Flight School.

When you want to become a Digital Marketing geek, you always seek to improve your skill set – you see Digital Marketing is always evolving and trending. Keeping that in mind, you will also need to evolve and embrace that change in order to be a front runner in the industry today.

For starters, when we talk of Digital Marketing, the first thing that hits our mind is social media, right? Social media and its numerous fun platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more allows business’s and individuals to create a sense of awareness, be opined and emotionally and strategically engage with the world. The question of the hour is ‘How’. How do we learn social media? How do we use them for our benefit? How is it important and why?

In this day, its simple. There are free certifications everyone can do at our own pace. One such certification I came across is the Twitter Flight School. Well, unlike Hubspot’s free certifications that are lengthier and difficult; this is fairly simple, short and  easy! Its well designed and very interactive with the a lot of visual and statistical content to provide a better understanding. For a beginner, that’s important.


The certification takes you through Twitter and its features, its a Twitter 101. Explains the attributes of your Twitter profile and most importantly guides you through the creation of content that is creative and engaging in real time. It also introduces you to the various campaigns/cards and twitter ads you can use to drive engagement; the best timing to deliver an important social media message to your audience and provides you with tools to develop a solid marketing strategy for yourself.

The funda for every successful Twitter strategy is to have an opportunity, an objective, a tactic, and a result. 



It consists of five very intuitive modules with tests at the end of each one. Once you pass the test, you get a certificate and badge and looks something like this. Awesome right?



Its extremely engaging, fast paced, less of content and more of visuals, interactive videos and case studies that makes learning fun. So what are you waiting for? Get certified and #takeflight with the Twitter Flight School.



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