The Blueberry Hunt

The Blueberry Hunt!

Not heard of this? Yes, I know.

Unfortunately I happened to see this and it is only because of Naseerudhin Shah and that very deceiving trailer that created such a stir.

The Blueberry Hunt is a story about the life of a reclusive old man, a dog that’s addicted to beef and Looney Toons, a pretty woman, a crop that loves music, one North Indian client, random decoits in a mallu land amidst the hills, rivers, ravines and forests!

Naseeruddin Shah plays the role of Colonel, a lonely old rifle-toting man sporting shabby white dreadlocks and fancy goggles in the middle of a thick jungle in Kerala. Naseer is content with his far-flung life. He is seen feeding his German Shepard, Kuttapan Patti (the Looney Toon addict), singing sweet songs for his Blueberry Skunk and protecting his territory with CCTV cameras and satellite phones. His daily supplies are brought by a localite, George (PJ Unnikrishnan) who is Colonel’s only contact.

George introduces Mr. Sett, a Bihari middleman played by Vipin Sharma who comes to inspect the cannabis crop. Sett’s entry to the scene invites danger and soon after his visit three shooters abruptly attack Shah’s protected land. While protecting his crop, the movie takes some un-directed turn when Shah is compelled to baby sit a college girl (Aahana Kumra) abducted by Vipin Sharma as an outcome of a personal rivalry we hear of but never see. For all you know the kidnapped girl happens to Sett’s daughter. While baby sitting the girl, Aahana and Naseer try forming some relationship, but its not really clear. 

Aahana’s role in the movie was superfluous and was no screaming hell. Probably if the movies’ run time was a tad bit longer the screenplay would have fit an eerie romantic scene as well. Gaah! There was not one captivating moment in the film. You wait for something to happen but nothing happens.

With such an edgy story line, this would have been a cracker of a film if directed well. The movie lacks a back story, the characters are vague and it’s pace is sloooooow beyond comprehension!

I heard there is a graphic rendition by Baburajan Muliyankeezhil that’s better than the film. While I check that out, you stay away from this hazy drama.





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