Should dreams true and to our fate we become these not so lucky creatures, its a sad death. Metamorphosis portrays human psychology just right! Franz Kafka studies the harrowing nature of humans and their attitude towards living beings. No wonder they say, “Kafka is important to us because his predicament is the predicament of modern man.”

Gregor Samsa, an altruistic man, worked hard for his family to make ends meet and support them with day to day family life. Unfortunately, one night he wakes up and realizes that he is no longer is a human but an insect, a Beetle. The family and his employer cannot stomach his ugly and dangerous transformation so they disown him immediately. Left in isolation, it is only his sister who cares for him initially but not for too long. His mother and father stay horrified throughout this time and find him a disgrace to the family.

Gregor dies out of starvation and never turns into a human to be loved again. He was treated like an outsider because he did not fit the patriarchal views of his own society and family.

Metamorphosis is absurd and comical with a very strong message about human acceptance, empathy and gratitude. Societal values preside over love and respect for one another. As it is a short-stringed novel, it’s a great read and worth all your time. I would totally recommend to pick a copy ASAP!


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