A Poem of Eternal Love

For the only person I loved my whole life.

I promise to come and pick you up when I’m gone.
I will knock on the door at midnight and take you along.
For you were the only reason for my earthly existence.
You’re eternal love filled in all the emptiness.
You might hate me for leaving you alone, but I yearn every second to see you.
So I promise to come and pick you up when I’m gone.

I apologize for all the trauma I put you through.
You slept next to my vegetative body that no one else would have the guts to do.
You looked at me for hours hoping that I would wake up and say your name.
But I was told not to and I don’t know by who.
You saw me grow cold, stiff and weak by the second and heard my breath fade away slow and steady.
You knew you were going to lose me, so you held on tight till my last breath.
For I can’t live without you, I promise to come and pick you up when I’m gone.

Now that I have bid adieu, I heard you weep. This was the first time I saw my lady love shattered to pieces.
It broke my heart too.
I might not be there next to you in a physical state, so I pray that you stay head strong.
I will watch over every step you take and pick you up every time you fall, just like the olden days.
I know there are people to take care of you now, but no one can replace me.
I will put an end to all the blood that you lost and the pain you went through.
I would do anything to wipe your tear just to see you smile and your wrinkled skin shine.
I promise to come and pick you when I’m gone.

It’s been exactly a year now that I left to my heavenly abode.
I cannot bear to see my lady broken and suffer of pain anymore.
Its been far too long you stayed frail without love and happiness.
Its time for you to join me so I can share my beautiful little haven with you.
Close your eyes and take one last breath and whisper my name.
I will come and pick you up, no matter where you are.

I knew you couldn’t go through the agony anymore, so I decided its time.
You looked so calm and beautiful, no one could say you put up a strongest fight for life a few hours ago.
Fresh as a flower and bright like a star in the sky, you looked better than ever before.
I have come to pick you up. Let’s go.
My heart skipped a beat, just the way it did when I saw you the very first time in my life.
The sparkle in your eyes, your delicate figure, your beautiful silky hair, and your soft touch is still the same.
I couldn’t wait any longer to take you in my arms and fall in love with your soul so pure and simple once again.
I will always love you and be beside you forever.
See, I kept my promise to come and pick you up when I’m gone.








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