The Paradise on Earth.

Whenever I went for a holiday towards the sea coast I always wondered what it would be to live next to the sea. How different would life be? I envied people who woke up and could see the ocean, the sun and the waves hitting the shore.

People often say, the sea can sicken you! How much of water can you see? Life will get boring eventually. What is there on an island? I thought that the point was pretty valid to an extent until I landed on this paradise. The Cayman Islands, everybody call it ‘The Paradise on Earth’.



Every time you turn your head, all that you get to see is green, blue and white. Trees, water and white sand fill this so called paradise. Everything looks so calm and peaceful that it could take your breath away. The sun, always so bright in the mornings. The sky, almost crystal blue and clear. The night is not less spectacular, the odd formations of clouds, the millions of stars and the crescent moon adds to all the beauty. You feel so close to nature that it touches your inner soul and it begins to take you along with it.


Believe me, you don’t have to do anything on this island. The island does everything for you. All you need to do is head out and be ready to race against the sun. Drive along the sea or sit on the shore and watch the waves kiss the sand. Watch the deep blue waters touch the soft white sand. Read a book under the sun or stand on the edge of a jagged rock and the breeze seduces you. Take a dip and allow the water touch you, the cold water cleanses you inside out.

IMG-20160109-WA0003It seems as if nature is speaking to you. The sea, the breeze, the waves, the sand, and the rocks have stories they want to tell you. Stories about people, love, life, wisdom, positivity and happiness. It allows you to talk to those dearest people who are so far away and whom we have lost. Hours pass by seeing the sun go down and listening to all the sounds of the sea.


The city and the sea side have the same atmosphere. No sky scrapers, all cottage like buildings. Limited human civilization, which is good. You don’t need millions of people to fill in all the empty spaces. Sometimes, it’s good to stay away from all the mayhem and the mad crowd. All you need is a companion for life to spend your time and fill in all the emptiness. A soulmate who loves nature and who loves you more than anything else. Spending every minuscule second with him is so amazing, I cherish every moment. Vinny, I love you my man.


Well, now I know what it feels like to stay facing the sea. I wake up in the morning and watch the ocean, the sun and the waves hitting the shore. I read, I write, I pray and I hope looking at nature that’s so pure and beautiful. I would call this “My Romantic Haven Period” of my life and I can’t ask for anything better than this.


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