Gone In Sixty Seconds


Once upon a time, during the midnight hour, a few uninvited guests decided to say ‘hi‘ to their new neighborhood.

The beautiful moonlight starry sky, the silent still air, the chirping crickets, and the vigilant owls were a witness to the scene. An army of men had set out on a mission to invade and disrupt the peaceful, quite, and a dreamy night. Strong able bodied men, armored with weapons of destruction came with a well laid plan. The poor scrawny security guards were no match to their strength. They hid in fear and managed to find safe havens.

The army barged in victoriously as no human, no animal and no external force could stop them. “United we stand, divided we fall” was never a strategy. Divide and attack was the master-plan. The huge army split and made smaller groups. The boisterous men then stealthily entered each target building not making a sound. Skimming each floor for shoes and shoe racks like vultures sighting for prey from afar. Once found, shoe racks were destroyed and all the shoes were taken, no matter the condition. They swept the place clean just like scavengers, leaving nothing behind, not even dirt. Shoes were as precious as gold and money for the shoe thieves.

Emerging victorious, they marched back with the massive loot with great honor and satisfaction like a pride of lions after a sumptuous meal. They shoved all their booty into their trucks and were gone in sixty seconds. The police couldn’t catch them that night as they had no shoes to chase them.

This triumph gave them the confidence to do it again and again leaving innocents with no shoes to wear the next day. Poor guys!


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