People On A Bus

People on a bus

I know I haven’t written in a very long time and I know for sure that I have missed out on a lot of things. It’s my job that keeps me on my toes the whole time. Thanks to that! I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. Seriously!

Well, all the while at work I’m always learning something new and exciting. Agreed that it is great, but there are a few days that just aren’t right as my commute to work is a long journey. It’s like going to Malaysia and coming back 😛 (that’s how it feels like at-least). It’s literally a painful joy ride at times! It’s funny and tiring.

During the long journey, my playlist and my podcasts are a saving grace! While listening to the lovely things on my phone I get to observe behaviors of passengers. Majority of them just have that normal everyday life attitude but a few of them are so strange (strange is an understatement :D)  Come to think of it, it’s funny how people react.

There is this pretentious sort, who’d love to grab a seat even though they look so strong that they could move a mountain all by themselves and not cry of pain. There are these really furious people who pick up fights at the drop of a hat and would never want to put an end to it (those shrilly voices! Argh!). Then there are these mothers who love to carry their 20 year old children and stare at you to give up your seat so they can sit pretty and comfortable. How convenient? Just how convenient? No one can wait their turn.

Oh, and I almost forgot, those hundred crazy eyes gawking at you. Turn to the right or turn to the left, you have all eyes on you for some reason, wonder why? Apart from all these kinds that I have spoken of, a few of them are crazy. Seriously crazy! I don’t know why, people love to yell while talking over a phone call and sing out loud like as though the bus were to be their bathroom. This set is even more annoying! And trust me, at that time, any object that comes in front of you can be risky.

Let’s face it, if you choose this way, your daily commute is sometimes a pain. Like it or not, they are frustrating and these events will make you pull your hair. Honestly, all you need is a whole lot of patience cause with all this happening in the background, the ride is extremely snail paced. So much for complementing the tiresome brain drain ride!


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