People say believe in your dreams and one fine day they will be true. Well, I think this is just plain entertainment and most of them are hopeless. It lands you into an unwanted place. A place that’s not meant to be in.

You can – Dream with your eyes open. Dream with your eyes closed. Dream during the day or at night. Dream during sunshine or moonshine. Dream alone. Dream under an apple tree or dream on a vehicle. Dream in your room or dream on the street. There are so many choices and so places to dream. But do we believe it to be true that a dream can change your life forever? Dreams may turn realistic for one in a million but for many of us dreams are vivid, absurd, abstract, and unreasonable moments. Soon forgotten the moment we step into reality.

It’s like “Spirit Projections”. According to the Japanese, “the spirit leaves your soul during the stage of unconsciousness and meanders into this fanatical and meaningless satire. The minute you gain consciousness, your spirit gets back into you like nothing ever happened.” Dreams are a form of ‘spirit projections”.

Dreaming for something is when you start counting your chicken before they hatch. Just when you begin to live that dream, it comes crashing down like a plane that just lost control. You may wish to land yourself in a particular job, in a particular place with a particular person but soon as you imagine it to be true it fades away into thin air leaving you hollow, shattered, lonely, teary and tired.

These situations keep you happy for a while. It makes you smile and it’s all that you ever want for that moment in life. Dreams are for the time being! They enter and they exit like nobody’s business and does a very good job in giving you false hopes. Cherish good times with people who helped you make the dream and learn from the bitter lessons they teach you.

Dwelling on dreams is such a waste of time. Not worth it. Focusing on real life is much safer and lean!


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