From The City To The Suburbs

Living in the heart of the city is what I miss the most today. I always loved being a part of the madness and chaos. The commotion, the people and peak hour traffic have kept me active. The weather the city faces is certainly very weird but it is an experience. Heavy rainfall, hailstorms and floods that make Bangalore look like a river is quite a sight. The sun does a spectacular job as well. (I know 35 degrees is not something to whine about but for a Bangalorean, it is hot!)

The city has so much to offer. Everything is a hop, a skip, and a jump. There are million restaurants you can dine at or even get food delivered if you are too lazy to move. (Yummy edible food! If not yummy, it’s edible at least). There is a theatre or a mall round the corner for some entertainment when you get bored. Shopping streets are quite close from the centre. The city has fairly decent transport options, though you may have a war of words with boisterous auto men or you may have to sit patiently in our BMTC buses which is snail slow. Nowadays, there are cabs so it’s even more convenient. To sum it all up, life in the city is easy.

At one point in time my family and I got sick of the dusty city life and we felt the grass is greener on the other side.  So we decided to move to the suburbs, an apartment on the state highway, a land far away from city.

It’s a road less travelled. The environment is so calm and pleasant, its breath taking. Nature is so serene in this part of town, you will ultimately fall in love with it.  Air so fresh and clean, you can smell it. Lush green trees and vast lands of cultivation adds to the beauty. In the midst of this beautiful greenery, a few sheds and a lot of cows are all you can see. There is no noise, no traffic and limited human civilization. Sure it’s undeveloped but I never imagined Bangalore to have a different side.

There are times life can get hard as well. People are lazy, lethargic and extremely slow around here. Summers and winters are extremely harsh. The amount of time you spend traveling is no joke. By the time you reach your destination everyday you’d be broken. Pathetic transport system makes traveling hard. The sight of autos are so rare but when they do come across it brings joy. As we city folks are used to the comfort of restaurants, you can’t dream of that here. Decent restaurants are real hard to find. The tastiest dish I have eaten so far is “Mutton curry and Ragi Mudde”. There are no malls, theaters or shopping centers to kill time. After a few years, I’m sure the place will be different and totally unrecognizable.

Well, life in the city is fun but it isn’t peaceful and healthy. I miss the city for sure but I love the joy and the happiness the suburbs offer. It sure is a bliss to stay around such beauty until it’s demolished by mankind.

One situation that never seems to change no matter where you go are lunatic neighbors we need to live with. I wonder where do these people come from and how in the world do they land up next door? God knows! 😀


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