My review on Munnariyippu

Malayalam movies were never my choice but it’s really worth the time watching the good ones they make. Yes, I can’t speak the language for crying out loud. Thanks to subtitles and my mum on the side for translating dialogues that are delivered with electric speed. These movies are based on very simple and authentic story lines with a remarkable sense of direction. Most of them are inspirational, realistic and imaginative that they have been remade in other languages so it reaches a wider audience. Somebody once told me about Munnariyippu being a great movie so I happened to watch it. I was quite apprehensive at first as I’m not such a great fan of Mammootty but I still gave it a shot. To my surprise, the movie was simply unbelievable. The movie had a bit of everything; love, drama, humor, suspense and a whole lot of marvelous & expressive acting. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and here’s my review. Well, the story is about a young and aspiring junior journalist, Anjali Arakkal. She manages to get a first assignment as a Ghost Writer for a jail superintendent. While she works on her assignment, she meets C.K. Raghavan. Raghavan is a convicted for double homicide of his wife and a Gujarati girl but claims to never have committed them. He prefers doing errands in jail than social life. Anjali gets curious about Raghavan and publishes her first article in a famous magazine. The article reaches a wide audience and receives national attention. Post her success with the article, a famous publisher offers her to write a biography of Raghavan. She accepts the offer knowing that dealing with a convict can be risky. For the book to be published, she makes arrangements for Raghavan to live outside jail. She keeps him confined to four walls so he can concentrate on writing. She keeps a constant watch over him but he fails to pen a word, missing all the deadlines. On the last day of submission, he decides to share the story but unfortunately the story remains untold. The shocking climax is what everyone should watch out for. Trust me, the climax will linger in your head for days. Exemplary acting takes the film to different level. Mammootty’s simple character and his expressions are incredible. The innocent, calm and psychotic attitude was very well done. Aparna Gopinath’s role as a courageous, over ambitious and a passionate journalist was done extremely well. She did support the character of Raghavan. Highly entertaining, nail biting thriller with a good sense of comic timing. Well, I always feel the lesser the dialogue the better the film. I recommended this one for everyone. Also, Prithviraj Sukumaran has a small role in the film. Go and watch this with a Mallu friend or learn Malayalam or watch this one with subtitles. I’m sure you will like it.


2 thoughts on “My review on Munnariyippu

  1. Abhirami

    Smith! I saw the movie 2 days back !
    Beautiful movie and the climax was truly unexpected and as u said it is still in my head πŸ˜„
    I recently started watching many Malayalam movies
    And I have to say many of them are worth watching
    Again ..if u are interested in watching more movies I would suggest u to watch movies like varsham, drishyam, monkey pen, how old are you ,north 24 kaatham, and memories . recently watched them and it is worth referring ☺️


  2. Abhi!! Thank you so much for reading the post, liking it and commenting. Means a lot! πŸ™‚ I started watching alot of these flicks lately. Hehehe! Saw Drishyam and How Old Are You though. I liked them too. πŸ™‚ On mission to watch the rest πŸ˜‰


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