Measuring a country

Anjali Menon

I believe Obama’s now famous quote can and should be understood as “You can measure how well a country, COMPANY, COMMUNITY OR FAMILY does by how well it treats its women”.

When Mallika Sherawat spoke of India being regressive towards women, folks pounced on her for deriding the country in a public forum. But fact remains India is not a monolith, there are a 1000 Indias within Indian society giving room for very different individual experiences. We have many things to be proud of, including a heritage where women were respected and worshipped. But it is important to recognise that even with that cultural background, the majority of our women population have difficult lives with severe limitations on individual liberty, safety and opportunity. Isn’t that fact the bigger shame to our country?

This post is prompted by the #disruptingthedefault movement on twitter by Catalyst, Inc that is “working globally to…

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