Life After Death.

During our formative years of life, our parents are everything. They mean the world to us. Mothers are “Best Friends” and fathers are “Supermen” for every child. They held our hands while we walked and picked us up when we fell and stayed awake for nights trying to put us to bed while we screamed and cried. Not once have they thrown us out for our cranky behavior. Despite their busy and tiring days at work, they still carried us in their arms and loved us even more. All their hard earned money was spent on our education and happiness. All their time is spent teaching us how to be responsible and civil.

As they grow old, they look up to us to receive the same love and care. Are we grateful for what they have done? Have we respected them enough? Well, I don’t really think so. After what I saw, it shattered me.

A few weeks back, in my building, an old woman aged somewhere between 70 & 80, diagnosed with cancer, succumbed to her illness.

Prolonged illness had kept her alive on the death bed for several years. Through this tough time the whole family was beside her, watching her give up with every breath she took. Their prayers were with her all the time. When she had left for her heavenly abode, the family performed all the rituals accordingly. Exactly two days later, a huge sack was thrown into an empty land next to our compound. When the land owner came complaining about the sack thrown in his property, it was found that it belonged to the family who had suffered a recent loss. Believe it or not it contained all the belongings of the old lady. All the things she had used while she was alive. As I heard this I was shocked and it gave me goose bumps.

It’s surprising how people wash their houses and throw away things as soon as a person dies (especially you’re loved ones). It seems like they don’t mean anything to us once they leave. So much for a life! These acts are considered to be holy and sacred. Religion over time has taught us this. Sure this is inhuman and inconsiderate but we prefer to pay our respect in this manner to a life that meant everything to us once upon a time. Reality can be so harsh, it’s unbelievable.


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