“Hello World, I’m ready. Bring it on. Show me what you’ve got”.

After a long hardworking day, all of us look out for ways to call it a night. While a few of us prefer to sleep like content happy babies, most of us prefer to write, read a page from our favorite book, talk to our loved ones or grope in the dark watching a horror movie.  Eventually, everybody falls asleep, only to drift into a different world – “The world of Dreams”. Dreams keep us alive as we remain dead.  Some of these dreams are so good, we don’t wish for it to end. But some of them are so scary, that we wake up with shock.  Most of us forget our dreams the moment we wake up. A few bright fellas who remember, relive their dream by sharing it.

Alas! We can’t live in dreamland forever, for there is an alarm that rings. “Oh, no. Is it morning already?”. Most of us go through this phase, don’t we? We lie in bed staring at the ceiling thinking, how in hell did the night pass so fast. Well, we cant sleep all night and day so we finally wake up to say Good Morning to our dear ones and to our lovely nature.

When we look out of the  window or stand in our balconies, sipping our morning tea, the sun shines as brightly as it can in the clear blue sky. The trees and grass so green and fresh. The clear mystic air helps breathe deep. The continuous gleeful chatter of Mynas makes us giggle and wonder what they chatter about. As the crows sits on electric wires cawing away like nobody’s business, pigeons on the rooftops of multistory buildings are seen dozing off.   Lazy little birdies! We attain total bliss, when we are surrounded by this clean, peaceful and happy environment.

When the paper guy screams “paper” out loud, it marks the beginning of a new day. Men and women, both young and old go about their brisk morning exercise. Shutters roll up for a normal day of business. Children are sent off to school to learn something fun and new. For those kids who don’t go to school, tyres and sticks are their best friends. Most of us set off for a productive day at work. The rest of the crowd, prays to the Holy God to telecast something good on TV.

All of us, at the end of the day want to come back home. As people say, “Home is where the heart is” and there is absolutely no place like home. For every day that ends at a bad note, there is always another day waiting to begin with an equal amount of positivity. Once it does, the same routine repeats.

So let’s start our day on a positive note and hope for it to be good. Welcome the new day with a heartfelt smile and say, “Hello World, I’m ready. Bring it on. Show me what you’ve got”.


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